Organic Apoteke Spa Rituals

“Organic Apoteke Rituals are based on the secret Kaya Kalpha practices.  I believe that it is time for these secret rituals to be accessible to everybody.””

                                                                                  Dr Nitasha Buldeo

Secret Rituals Brought to You

Kaya Kalpha includes all the ancient rituals of body rejuvenation practiced by Yogi’s called Siddhas’. The term Siddha means “Perfected Ones.” Kaya Kalpa rituals stimulate cellular renewal and remove impurities and toxins which cause physical degeneration. These rituals reverse the ageing process to keep the body in pristine health through all ages.

Traditionally, Kaya Kalpha practices were kept secret and only accessible to a select few.

Organic Apoteke Salon Prescriptives brings these secret rituals to the modern world.

Healing Temple

Dr Nitasha Buldeo comes from a lineage of Siddha’s. To share this ancient wisdom, she has created spa rituals that are truly transformative.  Our face & body rituals employ unique massage techniques with lymphatic and prana stimulation to tone the muscles, stimulate cellular renewal and restore inner vitality. In combining secret practices of Kaya Kalpa & Rasayana Tantra, our Spa Rituals are are unique.

“I am eternally grateful to the Himalaya’s, those gracious mountains that hold so many secrets, and to my teachers for their beautiful way of sharing wisdom. I honour you by sharing the wisdom handed down to me.”.
Dr Nitasha Buldeo

Organic Apoteke Face & Body Rituals


Organic Apoteke treatments work on the skin, muscle, nerves, lymphatics, circulatory system and bio-energy flow within the body. The aim of every treatment is to create homeostatic balance – where homeostatic balance occurs – the body is able to heal itself.

Combining a unique mix of Marma and Chakra point stimulation, Gandharva sound healing vibrations, Vishesh rhythmic movements and specialised Abhyanga oils – Organic Apoteke rituals are like no other; bringing relaxing and healing benefits to the every person.