December 2018 - Organic Apoteke

Organic Apoteke : Cosmetics Regulation and Standards in Japan

The Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Act defines cosmetics as “Articles with mild action on the human body, which are intended to be applied to the human body through rubbing, sprinkling or other methods, aiming to clean, beautify and increase the attractiveness, alter the appearance or to keep the skin or hair in good condition.” The regulation of cosmetics…

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Organic Apoteke Improves Microcirculation & Slows Down Visible Signs of Ageing.

Improving Microcirculation You said you wanted younger looking skin! Use it or loose it! That’s what happens to the tiny capillaries in the skin as we mature, they get sluggish and lazy. In early 2000’s new imaging technology made it possible for scientists and doctors to detect the tiny capillaries found in the living epidermis…

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Organic Apoteke : Eye Cream with Bilberry

Bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) are known by a very wide range of local names which include blaeberry, whortleberry, whinberry, myrtle blueberry and fraughan. The fruit is smaller than that of the blueberry and similar in taste. Bilberries are darker in color, and usually appear near black with a slight shade of blue. Bilberries are extremely difficult…

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Organic Apoteke: COSMOS – International Organic Certification

Over the last decade there were numerous organisations that certified organic products, by they food or skincare. Each organisation had its own standards, hence what was allowed and not in the organic cosmetics sector was unclear. However an international consensus had now been agreed. COSMOS is the new international standard for organic certification. The COSMOS-standard is owned…

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Organic Apoteke : Voluntary FDA Registration

Cosmetic products do not require FDA approval. However there exists the FDA’s Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP). In this program cosmetics manufactures and brands can voluntarily make their product and ingredient information available to the FDA. Organic Apoteke is voluntarily registered with the FDA. FDA-regulated does not mean FDA-approved. FDA does not have the legal authority to approve cosmetics before they go…

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Organic Skin Products – Sunblocks Exposed by EWG

Sunscreens prevent sunburns, but beyond that simple fact surprisingly little is known about the safety and efficacy of these ubiquitous creams and sprays. FDA’s failure to finalize its 1978 sunscreen safety standards both epitomizes and perpetuates this state of confusion. EWG’s review of the latest research unearthed troubling facts that might tempt you to give…

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