September 2019 - Organic Apoteke

How to Care for Sensitive Skin

Your skin is the largest organic of the body with the important tasks of protecting the inner organs and eliminating toxins from within. On a regular basis the skin performs an intricate balancing act. It protects us against environmental pollutants, while regulating internal moisture levels. These functions are controlled by the skin’s outermost layer, or…

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How to Delay Skin Ageing

As we age, the skin suffers natural wear-and-tear, just like the rest of our bodies. But much of what we think of as natural aging is in fact due to  bad diet, bad skin habits, sun exposure and other factors. That means it can be avoided — and it’s never too late to start. Normal Aging…

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15 Ways to Delay Ageing

The fountain of youth may be a myth, but it is a fact that the food we eat and how we treat ourselves can prevent or even reverse ageing. Your skin requires the correct nutrients to fight off damage. These nutrients help the cells replicate and heal. On the contrary, processed foods, stress, toxins and…

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Caring for Your Skin during the Menopause

Menopause officially begins one year after your last period. Along with the main signs, it can bring with it some noticeable changes to your skin and hair. As hormone levels fluctuate, your skin can become dry, thin, sensitive, spotty, less toned and slow healing. However, with the right care, you can diminish these menopausal skin effects. Here are a…

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