Good Gut Microbiome

Gut Cleanser Virtual Retreat

Living inside our bodies are trillions of microorganisms — bacteria, viruses, fungi and other life forms that are collectively known as the microbiome. Various organs have distinct microbial inhabitants, but the group that has attracted the most attention over the last decade is the microorganisms that live in the gut. GUT MICROBIOME AND HEALTH Several…

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Conscious Consumerism and Conscious Christmas – Our Only Way Forward.

Organic Apoteke Conscious Christmas

Christmas & Consumerism The average household in the UK, spends about £719 on Christmas. This amount is made up of decorations, many un-eaten treats and unwanted gifts. And to make matters worse, much of this Christmas spend has an adverse effect on our landfills. This excessive waste is coupled with statistics that show that 41% of people…

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Organic Apoteke Ingredients are being harvested

Autumn is an exciting time for Organic Apoteke as many of our organic ingredients are being harvested. Unfortunately this year our UK and USA teams are unable to travel to help with the harvest. But here are some of the rice fields from where we extract our rice bran oil.

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Organic Apoteke Products are in a Fluid State

Organic Apoteke Under a Microscope Fluid State

Most skin care products are creams, lotions, gels or oils. Emulsifiers are used to stabilise oils and waters to create creams. But emulsifiers not only prevent the products from soaking into the skin, they can often leech the skin of its essential moisture. Organic Apoteke products are free of emulsifiers. We combine plant oils and…

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