Good Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin: What Should You Use?

Women trying organic skincare

Oily skin not only feels uncomfortable, it can also increase acne breakouts. We’ve got the perfect plant-based ingredients and routine to keep shiny, oily skin at bay. Look and feel your best and be comfortable in the skin you’re in. Oily skin can be caused by genetic, dietary, hormonal or environmental factors. Humid or hot…

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Essential Minerals for Your Skin

Detox Face Mask with Dead Sea Salt

When your skins mineral balance is not quite right you may experience symptoms such as dryness, dullness, irritation and breakouts. By improving you skins mineral balance – you can correct these issues and improve skin health, function and appearance. It is for this reason that Organic Apoteke products are rich in natural minerals. Important Minerals…

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Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Treat Your Dark Circles

Dark circles on the upper and lower eyelids are common in both men and women of all ages. This can make you appear older and can be difficult treat. But we have a few solutions for you – read on. Although anyone can develop dark circles, this condition is most common As we get older…

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Does Collagen Work?

Does Collagen Work

To understand the importance of collagen in relation to your skin, you must first understand what collagen is. Collagen is one of the body’s structural proteins. It is made up of amino acids. Collagen makes up 90% of connective tissue, such as cartilage and tendons; 75% of bone; and 70% of skin. Collagen keeps skin looking smooth…

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Neem – is this the wonder ingredient your winter skincare routine needs?

Skincare ingredients

Here at Organic Apoteke, we use a range of pure, all-natural and effective ingredients as the basis of our skincare solutions. With the aim to nourish, protect and heal, our use of herbs and minerals, modern science and ancient wisdom is the key to the success of our emulsifier-free, fluid state formulations, and neem is…

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