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Organic Apoteke – Halal Skincare is Vegan and More

Halal beauty products are Vegan, Vegetarian and more… They are for more than the ‘ingredient conscious’ crowd. What Makes a Halal Beauty or Skincare Product? Halal beauty brands must not use any animal products or alcohol. Secondly, they need to be cruelty-free and only use ingredients that are ‘permissible’ under Islamic law. But Why are…

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Organic Apoteke – Alcohol Free Skincare & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

It is best to avoid beauty products formulated with high concentrations of alcohol as alcohol can cause many adverse effects and sensitivities. Look at your product ingredient list for for the following labels – Alcohol denat, Organic Alcohol, or any grain alcohol. All of these contain ethanol.  Ethanol is a colourless, volatile liquid that is found in all alcoholic beverages. Ethanol used in skin and…

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