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The science behind your skin’s amazing sensory power

As the largest external organ, your skin acts as a vital barrier between the internal workings of your body and the outside world. It actively safeguards you from the bacteria, temperature extremes, and chemical exposures that could do you harm. It also enables skin perception allowing you to feel sensation and communicates this with your…

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What does your skin actually do?

Your skin isn’t just a delightful covering that makes the body look presentable. The body’s largest organ fulfils many roles that actively maintain health and wellness. Here at Organic Apoteke, we’re huge fans of all the good stuff the skin does for us. That’s why we develop nature-identical, organic, raw and unprocessed skincare products that…

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Yoga – the secret to healthy, glowing skin?

Maintaining healthy, glowing skin comes down to much more than applying the right products on a regular basis. Your skin needs to be maintained from within, with what you eat and drink and how you exercise. When exercising, many may think that the more intense the exercise the better. But taking a gentler approach to…

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Understanding the Layers of your Skin

Skin is the body’s first defence against disease and bacteria, it is also essential for maintaining the balance of fluids and regulating our body’s temperature. Skin is the body’s largest organ, covering 12-20 square feet and contributing to around a sixth of our body weight. Skins composition is made up of 70% water, 25%protein and…

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