Cleanse Your Skin The Yogic Way – Saucha

The Niyamas are the second limb of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga.  The word ‘Niyama’ often translates as ‘positive duties’ or ‘observances’, and are thought of as ‘Self-discipline’ and recommended habits for healthy living and ‘yogic existence’. Patanjali lists five Niyamas, but there are other traditions and texts that list more. Saucha is the first of the Niyama’s – learn more about how to cleanse your skin and your life the yogic way.


But in all traditions the first Niyama is Saucha which means cleanliness or purity.

Cleansing techniques

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, a classical Yoga text, prescribes a series of cleansing techniques or shatkarmas to the sadhaka (practitioner) before even considering practicing asana. These techniques are still traditionally used in India today for the aspiring Yogi and are considered just as important as asana and pranayama practices.

Cleanse Your Skin

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