Kapha-Vata Dosha

(Earth + Water + Air + Ether)


Dual or mixed physiological types will tend to have characteristics of both its constituent dosha types. Ayurveda works with mixed dosha was to have them change the kinds of foods they eat according to the seasons. Vata-Kapha is composed of two cool physiological constituents.  This gives a coolness to your demeanour. This may mean that your skin is most often cool to touch.

When balanced – Kapha-Vata types have skin that feels cool to touch. Neither heat nor cold bothers them and they have a strong constitution if they maintain a good diet.

When unbalanced – Kapha-Vata types become very temperature sensitive. They have cold hands and feet and may be more sensitive to cold temperatures than others.


Kapha-Vata is all about balancing emotional outbursts and rational logic.

When balanced – Kapha-Vata dosha type gives you a cool-headed and calm demeanour. You go through life unaffected by the challenges in your path.

When imbalanced, Kapha-Vata get lost in their own heads.  This diminishes one’s passion and inspiration and can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.



1.To keep this physiological type in balance and healthy, you should follow the Vata Diet Plan in spring and summer and the Kapha Diet Plan from late fall (autumn) and throughout the winter along with the rules below that pertain specifically to this combines dosha type.

2. Awake early ideally before sunrise and try to get to bed before 10pm.

3.On rising drink 500ml of warm/hot water

4.Have Ginger and Cinnamon Chai every morning.

5. Do I-Yoga Sun Salutation or mild exercise for 20 to 30 minutes every morning.

6. Meditate for 10 minutes. Mediation Techniques will be provided as plan progresses.

7. Breakfast should include acidic fruit (citrus fruit or berries) and warm drinks. Ginger and Cinnamon Tea or Redbush Masala Chai.

8. Lunch should be your largest meal. You can eat anything you want for lunch.

9. Dinner should be a smaller portion than lunch and food should be lighter. Ideally you should have soups and stews for dinner.

10. If you crave sweets late in the evening then your dinner was not nourishing enough for you. You need to include osme sweet vegetable like sweet potato or squash for dinner.

11. Do I-Yoga Moon Salutation  every evening.

11. Have regular treatments that stimulate the lymphatic system and metabolism like the Marma K Massage Ritual in the Winter and the Marma V Massage Ritual during the rest of the year.

12. Have a regular facial to detox the skin and keep it looking healthy. A monthly Prana Facial is recommended for you and a Dermal Renewal Treatment at least twice a year to maintain the health and tone of your skin.

13. Kapha-Vata skin is beautiful, but to maintain it, a good skincare routine is recommended.We recommend the following routine.

Active Face Cleanse Gel – use this daily – morning and evening to balance and heal kapha skin.
Active Face Hydrate Gel – use this daily – morning and evening after cleansing face to hydrate skin.
Rejuvenating Eye Cream – use this daily – morning and evening around the eye area.
Detox Face Mask – use this weekly – to detox skin and keep it healthy and glowing.
Rasayana Rejuvenating Serum – for those who feel the need for anti-aging therapy. Add a few drops of this serum to your Active Face Hydrate Gel and massage onto face and neck.

Products to Balance Kapha-Vata Dosha