Our Story

“As a child I remember my grandmother’s herbs – the mint bush close to the clothes line, the geraniums surrounding the front porch, the varieties of sage and holy basil.And she made magic with these herbs.

Organic Apoteke shares that magic with you. “

                                                                  Dr Nitasha Buldeo

Breaking All Boundaries
Breaking All Boundaries

Spiritually Inspired

My grandmother was thought to have ‘healing hands’. She functioned as both Ayurvedic Doctor and Priestess. She was part of an enlightened community, where there was total equality and wisdom was shared between all.

Her family moved from Rajasthan to South Africa to create schools and benevolent homes. She was a spiritual teacher and a healer. In South Africa she collaborated with African doctors to find common ground. Grandmother planted Indian herbs and mixed them with those that were locally used. Her combinations were wonderfully effective. As a child, I used to pick herbs for her to ‘cook’ into her remedies. She got results and word spread – people adored her for her ability to teach, lead and heal. She inspired me to follow in this her tradition.

“For me spirituality means breaking all boundaries,
Crashing the glass ceiling, Letting go of all limitations. 
This inspired me to create products like no other. Products that enable you to feel the difference and also make a difference”.
Dr Nitasha Buldeo

Discover more about how Organic Apoteke products honour the ancient sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Scientifically Based

Even though I had strong connections to my grandmother’s traditional, deeply spiritual wisdom, I followed a more scientific path. I decided that medical school wasn’t for me as I wanted to be on the cutting edge of science so moved to research.

While completing post-grad studies, I became inspired once more by my grandmother’s remedies. Her knowledge about them was extensive and I knew she got results. But the scientist in me wanted to discover why these remedies worked.

Discover more about the science behind Organic Apoteke products.

I changed my focus to skin physiology and looked at ways of getting ingredients to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin. This led to improving my grandmothers traditional formula’s Making them more effective and pure.  After over 15 years of research we created Organic Apoteke. Our products are inspired by the ancient wisdom, integrity, and compassion that my grandmother lived by. The butterfly on our products are a symbol of all that is pure in this world.

I am inspired to help those who care about themselves and our planet on their mission to be the best version of themselves. With products that have clinically proven results. And are deeply rooted intraditional wisdom.