Kapha-Pitta-Vata Dosha – Tridosha

(Earth + Water + Fire + Air + Ether)


The Vata-Pitta-Kapha, equal type or Tridosha body type is considered to be rare. This constitutional type is the least common, representing less than five percent of the population.

When balanced – Kapha-Pitta Vata types have the strongest immunity. Individuals with this body type are rarely sick if they follow a good diet.

When unbalanced – Kapha-Pitta-Vata types present with the negative symptoms of the constitutional element that is out of balance. If Kapha is too high – they tend to gain weight. If Pitta is too high – they suffer from inflammatory conditions and of Vata is too high they can develop issues with joints and muscle.


Tridosha types have well developed emotional coping strategies.

When balanced – Kapha-Pitta-Vata dosha types thrive in life. They feel content and satisfied with their lives.

When imbalanced – These constitutional type can present with a wide variety of symptoms – depending on which constituent element is out of balance. Kapha out of balance – they can be lethargic and apathetic, Pitta out of balance they can feel angry and become aggressive and with Vata out of balance they can be prone to anxiety.


1.To keep this physiological type in balance and healthy, you should the follow the Kapha Diet Plan from late Fall (autumn) to end of Winter, the Pitta Diet Plan from early Spring until mid-Summer and the Vata Diet Plan from late Summer to late Fall (autumn).

2. Awake early ideally at 4am.

3. On rising drink 300ml of warm/hot water.

4. Massage gums with coconut or sesame oil.

5. Learn how to do Jal Neti (nasal washing) and practice this a few times per week

6. Drink Ginger Masala Chai or 1 Cup of Coffee. Try to have only 1 drink containing caffeine per day ideally before lunch.

7. Drink only caffeine free herbal teas after lunch.

8. Do I-Yoga Sun Salutation every morning. Start with as many sequences as you can cope with and try to build up to 108 cycles daily.

Eat Right to maintain this Tridosha Balance

9. Breakfast should include fresh fruit and should ideally be taken after 10am.

10. Lunch should be a small meal. If tired or sleepy after eating lunch then the quantity of food  was too much for you. Adjust your portions until you find what works for you.

11. Dinner should be a smaller portion than lunch and food should be lighter. Ideally you should have soups and stews for dinner. And you should try to have dinner before 6pm.

12. If you crave sweets late in the evening then your dinner was not nourishing enough for you. You need to include osme sweet vegetable like sweet potato or squash for dinner.

13. Do I-Yoga Moon Salutation and a Deep Stretch and Relax Yoga flow every evening.

14. Try to get to bed by 10pm.

15. Ensure that you read books or engage with content that inspires you.

16. Have regular treatments that stimulate the lymphatic system and metabolism like the Marma K Massage Ritual in the Winter and the Marma V Massage Ritual in Spring and Autumn and Marma P Massage Ritual in Summer.

17. Have a regular facial to detox the skin and keep it looking healthy. A monthly Prana Facial is recommended for you and a Dermal Renewal Treatment at least twice a year to maintain the health and tone of your skin.

18. Kapha-Pitta-Vata skin is generally healthy and beautiful, but to maintain it, ensure that your are using the correct type of products for the time of year.

Late Spring and Summer – Use the following routine.

Active Face Cleanse Gel – use this daily – morning and evening to balance and heal kapha skin.
Active Face Hydrate Gel – use this daily – morning and evening after cleansing face to hydrate skin.
Rejuvenating Eye Cream – use this daily – morning and evening around the eye area.
Detox Face Mask – use this weekly – to detox skin and keep it healthy and glowing.

Early Autumn to Winter – Use the following routine

Buttermilk Cleanser – use this daily – morning and evening to balance and nourish dry vata skin. Use this around eye as well to prevent eczema and dryness of eye area.
Rejuvenating Face Cream – use this daily – morning and evening after cleansing face to hydrate skin.
Rejuvenating Eye Cream – use this daily – morning and evening around the eye area.
Rejuvenating Face Mask – use this twice weekly as directed on bottle. This mask is nutrient rich and deeply hydrating.If you are very dry leave this mask on overnight.night.
Rasayana Rejuvenating Serum – for those who feel the need for anti-aging therapy. Add a few drops of this serum to your Active Face Hydrate Gel and massage onto face and neck.

Products to Balance Kapha-Pita-Vata Dosha