“We practice Yoga to fall in love with ourselves.
We have infused the essence of Yoga into every Organic Apoteke product.              
Therefore there is magic in every bottle.”

Dr Nitasha Buldeo

Healthy Yoga Skin

What is Yoga Skin?

Yoga skin is lit up from within.

Healthy, glowing, hydrated, radiant. Yoga skin is naturally beautiful skin. One of the advantages of a good yoga practice is healthy glowing skin.

By stimulating microcirculation and using our Fluid State technology, Organic Apoteke gives you Yoga skin. Organic Apoteke products are ideal to be used during  pre-Yoga Shatkarma or body purification practices. Our products clean and heal your skin from within because at Organic Apoteke we believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Organic Apoteke honours the Yoga tradition – our products are natural, pure, cruelty-free and abide by the 8 limbs of Yoga. We respect our planet and all in it & we honour nature.  Whether you are a Yogi or not, our simple yet effective, multifunctional products will give you naturally, beautiful skin.


Yoga Skin Products