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AMAZING PRODUCTS!!! easy to use website, and the brilliant colour scheme. lovely pictures of the products and definitely amazing products!!! been using the active range for my hormonal acne and has cleared up my clear, rarely breakout! also helped to clear up my old acne scars! finally feel confident without wearing makeup! definitely recommend the active range for anyone dealing with acne which worsens with stress or hormones! Life changer!!!!! A******* product HJ x


I love using all of the organic apoteke products as I don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals used in them. They are pure organic and gentle on your Skin. I love all the products but most fav is the eye gel. It works wonders for me.

Miracle Gel formula

Because this gel type product absorbs into the skin rather rather than staying on the surface, it has been a miracle. I had skin cancer on one of my eyelids and therefore have very few mucus glands to lubricate my eye. Any treatment I would use on my face would eventually make it's way into my eye and burn because it sat on top of my skin. This product immediately sinks in and I have not any issues. I've used this product for two weeks and the fine lines on my face have lessened already.

Makes my skin so happy!

I was having cystic acne under my chin and jaw line and the active line got rid of it with in weeks. I also wear half as much make up because my skin looks so vibrant and even. I love that you guys are back in the states. I tell everyone about your products. People notice my skin and ask what I am doing. I had one woman ask me if I was in my thirties the other day…I’m 43.It made my day and I thank Organic Apoteke for these great results.
With Gratitude,

Better than Aftershave

So easy to use. Just slap it on after a shave and it does it’s thing. I no longer use aftershave but this gel. My skin looks better, no spots and no razor burn.

Best Skincare I Have Ever Used

I have very sensitive skin and suffer from eczema. Organic Apoteke is the best skin care product I have ever tried

The Best Serum Ever

Love, love, love this serum. I have been a serum addict for years and this is definitely the best I have tried.

This Serums Works!

This is by far the best beauty product I have ever used. My skin looks so much better after just 1 week. My friends have been debating on wether I have had work done. I am 67 years old. My skin is thin and sensitive. But this serum has made it glow. I look younger, my skin is firmer, my complexion brighter.

This Product Changed My Skin

I am in love with this product. My husband is too. Its’ really changed our skin. We are both in our 60’s but young at heart. We have an active lifestyle and friends much younger than us – but nobody can tell. My skin is smoother and healthier than it was in my 50’s. So glad I found this product, I buy so much of it, that one of the girls in the office asked if I drink it. I would if I could xx

Skin Fitness in a Bottle

Intensive skin stimulation & nutrients. This is total skin fitness in a bottle with intensive skin stimulation and nutrients to improve complexion and tone. .
The honey gives the mask a yellow/gold colour and the amino acids boost collagen and builds elastin. This is my favourite skin care range that doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients – certified organic and completely alcohol-free. It’s completely free of parabens, petrochemicals, glycols, silicones, sulphate, synthetic fragrance, colours, TEA, DEA and PEGS. It’s made from organic botanicals and natural occurring minerals, that’s it.

Instant Results - Golden Glow

This mask will give you instant results, and not to forget: the feeling of well-being while using it! After washing it off, you have the ultimate refreshing glow! I cannot wait to see the longterm results of this golden mask! Thank you again, Organic Apoteke, your line is just awesome!

It Works And Its Organic Too

I started using this range 6 weeks ago and totally in love with the face mask and serum . The smell is organic and earthy , the serum glides onto my face and makes my skin shine ! I use the face mask then apply the serum after 20 minutes and my skin feels clean and nourished with the added bonus of knowing that this is all ethically sourced and organic . What’s not to love! ❤

It Works And It's Kind To Nature Too

I use this daily it starts my day off perfectly and I love that its kind to nature.

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